Sabtu, 17 September 2011

Easy Daily Tasks [4 TP Missions Fixed]

1. Complete Daily Task
2. Daily Lucky Draw

3. Kill All Boss
4. 4 TP Missions [Fixed!]
5. Emblem Glitch - for premium missions
6. Share Gift 

1. Drop swf files to fiddler (autoresponder tab)
2. Clear browser's cache
3. Force traffic to fiddler
4. Log in to Ninja Saga
5. Enter Academy
6. Finnish all your daily tasks.

Avoid defeating bosses in hunting house in order to complete the sequence of world bosses hack.
Wait for the wind badge to appear before doing another TP mission. Goodluck!

Appzxor: Raiski >  TP Missions 
Hayate22 > Shop

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